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Mobile RV Services, Based in Salt Lake City, UT

Mobile RV Repair in Salt Lake City, Utah

Born out of a passion for RVs and the lifestyle behind them. RV Repair Guru isn’t your typical RV repair shop. Instead of waitlists and appointments, we come to you and service your RV’s issues on-site. We understand the urgency of RV repairs. Whether you’re going on a trip for the weekend, are nowhere close to home, or live full-time in your RV. You can count on us to provide you with affordable, thorough, and timely mobile RV repair solutions and experiences.

Serving Southern Willamette Valley

Based in the Salt Lake City region. We aim to serve Utah’s greater Salt Lake Valley. We are a home-run mobile and on-site RV repair company seeking to provide affordable and timely RV Service solutions and experiences.

On-site Support

In a time when retail RV service facilities are routinely backlogged for months and shortages of supplies are worldwide. We aim to provide you high quality, affordable, locally based on-site RV service, support, and solutions.

Affordable & Honest Pricing

We don’t nickel and dime you, and we never will. Our pricing is affordable, straightforward, and simple carrying no hidden charges. We offer a guaranteed 60-day warranty on all of our services performed.

On-site Mobile RV Repair Service Region

Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, West Jordan, South Jordan, Sandy, West Valley, Lehi & Regions in-between.

We are located in Riverton, Utah, and operate in Salt Lake City. We aim to serve the greater Salt Lake Valley region. We offer a multitude of onsite RV repair, maintenance, and diagnostic services for onboard RV appliances, accessories, and electronics. Our pricing is straight forward and we carry no hidden fees. If you fall outside of our service region long-distance support may be available contact us for more info. If we can’t help you, We’ll be sure to point you in the right direction towards somebody who can.

With the lack of overhead caused by large corporations and traditional repair shops, we offer highly competitive prices and provide services on-site. Skip the long waitlists and lines. Forget the worry of dropping your RV off for service and waiting for weeks at a time. Call a mobile service technician now and save yourself time, and money.

Check out our services page to learn more about the services we offer, and our competitive prices.

On-Site Diagnostic Fee (Minimum, 1st Hour & Travel incl.)$100.00
Billed in 15 min increments after the first hour$25.00 / 15 Minutes
Appliance Installation & RepairUp to $400 Installation Fee + Time
Awning Canopy Replacement$600 Installation Fee + Time

Your RV Repair Guru

Ty – Owner & RV Repair Guru

As a full-timer myself, I saw that trying to get RV service was a daunting and often lengthy process. Warranty repairs can take months, and other appointments are at least weeks out. And worst of all, many shops expect you to simply leave your RV with them, for weeks at a time! Being the handy person I am, I decided to take issues up on my own in my RV. And thus was born the idea of RV Repair Guru. Mobile RV services are provided by members of the RV lifestyle movement itself. With a deeper understanding of the timely nature of urgent RV repairs. I specialize in RV appliances, accessories, electronics diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs. Whether you’re on a weekend trip or live full time in an RV like myself. I’m here to assist you through your RV issues and provide an affordable and trustworthy RV repair solution experience.

Our Warranty

We offer a guaranteed 60-day warranty on all of our services and repairs. This warranty will cover any repairs, assembly, and configurations performed by RV Repair Guru. Any hardware installed through RV Repair Guru will fall under their manufacturer’s or vendor’s standard warranty. We will provide troubleshooting and diagnostic services for said hardware during our warranties time frame. This warranty only covers repairs, assembly, and configurations RV Repair Guru has performed and does not cover any defects, issues, or problems that do not relate to the original service RV Repair Guru has provided.